Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outdoor Eating

Forgive my little blogging absence! I have been visiting my family in Idaho. We may live in Texas, but Idaho is home to Jared and I. What an awesome place! It has been such lovely weather here and tonight we ate at one of my favorite places in Idaho
Isn't my parent's backyard gorgeous? I love the vines, I love that it's quiet and cool, and I love that when you eat outside no one is in a big hurry. Perfecto!

On tonight's menu was bacon wrapped beef tenderloin, mandarin orange salad, and caprese salad with balsamic vinegar.

Yummy! I love eating outdoors. Tell me, what's your favorite thing to cook and eat outside?


Cherine said...

I am a hotdog lover. Some may think that is gross (with all a hotdog encompasses) but I LOVE a good dog. My favorite is a Chicago Dog. It is like a spicy garden on top of a yummy dog! That to me is perfection in my mouth :) And yes love your parents backyard! I miss Idaho!

Summer Inc said...

I love me some traditional barbecued hamburgers and chips! It always reminds me of 4th of July weekend. When we lived in Missouri we always got together with my whole Dad's side of the family and they would celebrate my birthday a few days early. My mom used to tell me the fireworks were for me, as a kid what is better. :)

Looks yummy! Glad you are having a blast on vacation!

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