Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indian spiced pork scewers with tabouli and naan

Tonight I made this recipe from Our Best Bites! It was really yummy. Lots of flavor and just a little bit spicy. I paired it with some tabouli (you can buy this in the rice section of the grocery store), and some naan bread with hummus. It was a great meal! I will probably make the skewers with chicken next time as I thought the pork was a little on the chewy side, plus I just like chicken better. Try it out!

Tonight I am hosting book club at my house and I made an Indian inspired rice pudding for dessert. Wow, to die for! Check it out tomorrow!

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Summer Inc said...

OH man! I cannot wait to taste that tabouli, it looks SOOO good! YUM! I am so glad I have a gourmet cook for a friend! :)

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